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Here you’ll be greeted by fully-blooming tulips throughout the year,
brought to you by the sun-and-water blessed natural environment of Tonami and the cultivating hands of those who love flowers.

Tulips have long been seen as flowers representative of spring, and are a popular choice for planting in flowerpots both at home and at schools, but the technology possessed by the Tonami Tulip Gallery actually allows these beautiful flowers to bloom throughout the year. The Tonami Tulip Gallery is a wonderful, mysterious facility where you can learn about the secrets of the bulbs buried in the ground and the history and culture of people who love tulips.

Wonder Garden

Wonder Garden

A blooming flurry of tulips and seasonal flowers! A mystical place in which you can see every stage of tulip growth, from budding through to blooming, in a single garden.

  • Tulip Palace

    Tulip Palace

    Above, below and 360 degrees all around! Experience the joy of being completely surrounded by tulips!

  • Pallet Garden

    Pallet Garden

    This seemingly infinite garden of brightly colored tulips will set your heart racing!

Under Farm

Under Farm

Those beautiful flowers above the ground are all thanks to the bulbs below it! Enjoy this introduction to the secrets of making tulips blooms throughout the year, along with their history and original nature.

  • Bulb Theatre

    Bulb Theatre

    Just what is going on underground in order to make those beautiful tulip flowers bloom up above? Shrink down to a size smaller than even a tulip bulb and go on a wonderful subterranean adventure!

  • All About Tulips

    All About Tulips

    Take a trip into history with comics and documents showing the origin of tulips and how they came to be grown in Tonami!

  • Tonami & Tulips

    Tonami & Tulips

    An introduction to growing tulips and the latest tulip research!

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